pop culture critic

kayti is a pop culture writer & editor with 10+ years of experience. she specializes in nerd culture, working class representation in hollywood, transformative fandom, and the rise of global TV. kayti’s work as an entertainment journalist has taken her to sets, junkets, and conventions around the world. she has interviewed thousands of artists—from dwayne johnson and neil gaiman, to margot robbie and rachel talalay, to the set designers and vfx artists crafting story behind the scenes.

*please prepare yourself for the transition from third to first-person voice.*

for me, media criticism is a form of fannish expression. it is also inherently biased, as we all bring ourselves to the stories we watch, read, and explore to create meaning with the storyteller. part of a critic’s job is to recognize how our lived experiences and narrative preferences inform our engagement with a piece, and to communicate that context in our criticism & analysis.

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