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Posted on December 30, 2017

On Television

How Rachel Talalay Helped Shape the Peter Capaldi Era of Doctor Who (August 2017)

On Movies

Toxic Masculinity is the True Villain of The Last Jedi (Den of Geek, December 2017)

On Books

From Star Trek to Buffy — How to Write Oral Histories of Beloved TV Shows (Den of Geek, December 2017)

Den of Geek’s Best Fiction Books of 2017 (December 2017)

Autonomous Review: Love, Robots, and Identity (September 2017)

On Fandom/Internet Culture

What TV Networks Still Don’t Understand About Fandom (Den of Geek, April 2016)

Ngozi Ukazu Interview: On Check, Please and Beyond

Who is Doctor Who For? (Den of Geek, December 2017)

How Harry Potter Shaped Modern Fandom (Den of Geek, 2016)

In Podcast Form

Den of Geek Book Club Podcast: Annalee Newitz on Autonomous

Colonize This! Episode 1: Classic Doctor Who

More Than Memes #1: The All Things Pride & Prejudice Podcast

The Televerse #235: In the Flesh with Kayti Burt

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